Dear Richmond Hill Hindu Temple devotees and patrons,

We have successfully setup the e-transfer facility to transfer funds directly to our temple bank account. We are accepting donation and offering limited services which includes:

¬ Abishekam (all deities)
¬ Special Archana (all deities)
¬ Archana Sahasranamam
¬ Ellu-Ennai
¬ Morcha (Shraddha) Archana

For donation and temple services:
we request you to remit the funds to email and mention the purpose of the remittance in the description field. Once the money is remitted in the account, the Manager will inform the priest and they will perform the service requested.

We request your continued support and encouragement during this extraordinary time. We are doing our best and will continue to work towards betterment of the services offered to our devotees.

Temple Management