As of Wednesday, June 30, 2021 – York Region restrictions in place


Due to COVID-19 the number of Devotees allowed inside the temple premises will be limited to 100 in compliance with Government of Ontario restrictions.

ATTENTION DEVOTEES: Reopening Ontario Step – 2

Dear Devotees,

In accordance with the published recommendations of the Government of Ontario, the Hindu Temple Society of Canada will adhere to the following strict rules effective 12:01 AM, Wednesday June 30, 2021 until advised otherwise by the Government of Ontario. Hard copies of the government directive are available in the office for review by the devotees.

  • 1. All visitors shall wear an approved mask and keep a social distance of two meters from any others.
  • 2. All visitors shall present themselves to record their body temperature and ensure that it is normal and answer the questions asked by the security guard.
  • 3. All visitors shall provide their contact information in writing on the visitor record provided.
  • 4. A gathering limit of 25% or 100 devotees is permitted at this time and all others shall wait in their cars until called. Staff, performers, and crew do not count towards gathering limit.
  • 5. Devotees are kindly requested to complete their prayers and leave the temple within reasonable time, so that other devotees waiting outside can be accommodated.

Your utmost cooperation is kindly requested and appreciated so that we can provide a fulfilling experience to all.

Outdoor gatherings

The Temple has decided not to conduct any religious functions outside the temple in the open. Hence any gathering of individuals other than persons living in the same household will not be permitted outside the temple within its property. People waiting for their turn to enter the temple may wait in their own vehicle until called for.

Devotees wishing to circumambulate the temple may do so individually or with people living in the same household. Individuals or groups disobeying the above directive may be evicted from the temple property or reported to the appropriate authority for necessary action.

The Temple management

Sivan Festival 2021

Please see the attachment for Sivan Festival events. We allow the devotees according to the Ontario provincial & York Region rules. Currently those rules allow only 100 people inside the temple. Temple board responsibility to protect the temple from the pandemic & fellow the federal, provincial & municipal Law. We also have the responsibility to perform our festival according to our Hindu tradition.
Devotees can participate in the Temple events, such as archana & abhishekam.

To participate in the temple event, you can call at 905-883-9109 to book the abhishekam & archana or e-transfer the money to the temple at


Flash News: July 29 – Sivan Utsavam begins, August 6 – Sivan Golden Chariot


Live Streaming at Main Altars:

Please watch the prayers

Temple Open Hours:

Monday – Thursday

  1. Morning 8:00 AM to 1:00 PM
  2. Evening 5:30 PM to 9:00 PM

Friday, Saturday & Sunday — 8:00 AM to 9:00 PM


E-Transfer Info:

We have successfully setup the e-transfer facility to transfer funds directly to our temple bank account.

We are accepting donation and offering limited services which includes:

¬ Abhishekham (all deities)
¬ Special Archana (all deities)
¬ Archana Sahasranamam
¬ Ellu-Ennai
¬ Motcha (Shraddha) Archana

For donation and temple services:

Please remit money through email: and provide full details of service required in the description field including name and birth star. If you require tax receipt, please provide your Devotee ID*, home address and phone number. We will mail you the tax receipt.

We request your continued support and encouragement during this extraordinary time. We are doing our best and will continue to work towards betterment of the services offered to our devotees.

Temple Management

* To Register your Devotee ID, call Temple Office: 905-883-9109

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Sivan Festival – July 30, 2021 to August 8, 2021

Sivan Festival

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