Ritwik Registration

The Trustees of the Richmond Hill Hindu Temple are honoured to invite Ritwiks from around North America to participate in the Maharudra Yagnam to take place in Toronto on May 31 to June 02, 2109.

Ritwiks have the great responsibility of praying to Lord Siva for the benefit of the community. As such they need to be pure and disciplined to recite Sri Rudram so that their chanting of mantram can be fully effective for the welfare of our society. We request the Ritwiks to register below to participate in the Toronto Maha Rudra Yagnam – 2019. We will be mailing the guidelines and requirements to the registered ritwiks.

One of the basic mandatory requirement is for the ritwicks to have had their traditional yajnopavita Dharanam ceremony conducted when brahmachari as per rituals and traditions and MUST be wearing Yajnopavitam at all times (24/7).

Thanks for signing up as a Ritwik. We greatly appreciate your participation