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In the late sixties, the need for community worship and hence a temple was strongly felt among people of Sri Lankan / South Indian origin, who had migrated from different parts of the world. The Hindu Temple Society of Canada was chartered in 1973 as a non-profit religious institution, with about 10 trustees, with the objective of building and maintaining a temple, following the Agama Sastras. For about 10 years, there was not much progress in the project due to


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Maharudra Yajnam – Ritwik Registration
சூரசம்ஹார நிகழ்வு-2018

Pillaiyar chathurthi

Perumal Chariot Festival.2018

Murugan Chariot Festival.2018

Murugan Festival 2018 6Day Night

Murugan Festival 2018 3 Day Night

25.10.2017 இல் நடைபெற்ற சூரசம்ஹார நிகழ்வு

முப்பெரும் இராஜகோபுர திருக்குட நன்னீராட்டுப் பெருவிழா -2017

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